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Inspired By Animals Inspiration For  Animals

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Huge discount !

We are now insourcing, brush products cost less than ever. Save as much as $300.00 off the original price!

Offering High-Quality Animal Rubbing Brushes

Jay Dee Powell, Owner/Alpaca Rancher

Keep your animal coat soft and smooth by using an animal rubbing brush sold at My Brush Buddy in Greenwood, California. My products are perfect for your horses, cows, goats, alpacas, llamas, etc...

Aside from keeping your animals’ coats soft and shiny, these brushes can also prevent the damage that fences, barns, and outbuildings get when animals scratch their bodies against them.

Whether you need a single brush or a dual brush, I have you covered. I take pride in each item on my online store. Check them out today!

Company History

Meet the Owner

Shawna & Jay

My vision is to share my innovation and passion with many animal lovers so they can see the benefits and enjoyment animals get from My Brush Buddy.

My mission is to keep street-sweeping brushes from ending up in landfills and saving ranchers’ fences and outbuildings while providing a stable rubbing brush for animals.

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